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If you find the text on this site and many other sites too small for comfortable reading, you may not realize how easy it is to change this with many popular web browsers, including IE6, Firefox, and Opera. Below are several options:

Option one

The most basic way is to go to the menus at the top of your web browser, select View:Text Size and choose something larger than what is currently checked. Try it right now!

Option two

In earlier versions of Internet Explorer, you could also accomplish the same text options as Option one above using a wheel mouse, the ones with a scroller button. Somewhere along the way, Microsoft changed this feature, however. Now with the latest versions of IE7, the mouse scroller wheel activates IE's zoom feature. This will not change the text size settings any longer. Instead it will zoom in the whole page.

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Your PoundSaver Money Back Guarantee:

In the unlikely event you are refused a listed saving, please send the receipt addressed to customer services within one month of refusal date*. Always check listed retailers for minimum spend or exclusions. PoundSaver cannot accept responsibility where disputes arise between PoundSaver cardholders and listed retailers. PoundSaver cannot accept responsibility for omissions, errors or any misrepresentations that may occur, particularly when this book becomes out of date. PoundSaver cardholders may not receive savings if listed retailers change ownership, close, change or withdraw a saving at any time. PoundSaver strives to ensure that listed retailers are responsible and experienced; however,we cannot accept responsibility for any advice given to PoundSaver cardholders.

A PoundSaver Card is non transferable, is not a credit/debit card, remains PoundSaver's property and must be surrendered on demand. Improper use of the card may constitute fraud.Discounts will not be applied retrospectively. All information correct at time of going live April 2011. PoundSaver reserves the right to make changes as are reasonably necessary without prior notice. All rights reserved.Always show your card before a till is rung up. Savings in restaurants usually apply to up to four people irrespective of the number of cardholders in the group. Please do not use your card for purchases under £5. *Does not apply to accommodation refusals if the hotel projects full occupancy (80%) for the dates requested.